Ambassadors Guild

Vision and Values

The Ambassadors Guild is a pilot program of an aligned and united body of Cardano Community members, dedicated to support, connect and motivate people in the Cardano ecosystem. The Guild pilot is being developed and led by a team of highly engaged and committed Cardano Foundation Ambassadors.
The Ambassadors Guild aims to support the Community and the Foundation as a communicative and coordinating body, acting as an independent and supportive extension of the Foundation.
What we propose
Human sensor array to the community To create bridges and presence between the Foundation and the Community and to act as a representative body on behalf of the Community and the Foundation.. Our goal is to sense ideas, visions and problems on the ground, and organize and prioritize to provide effective feedback and solution-based proposals and suggestions to the Foundation and to the Community via Project Catalyst. The Foundation has expressed commitment to provide reasonable support and coordination for these community based initiatives as we work to discover and implement solutions to identified problems.
Human sensor array to the Foundation To explore, establish and maintain communication streams to the Foundation to identify opportunities and problems, and develop strategies to enhance the work of the Community as well as the Foundation.
Human sensor array to the Ambassadors Again, Communication is key. As outlined in (1) & (2) we follow the same principles and act as an human sensor array within the Ambassador program and to gather and prioritize problems with the goal to support and coordinate the Ambassadors themselves to explore effective and efficient solutions. Following these principles of an human sensor array through several parts of the community, we are able to map a broad spectrum, to avoid duplication of effort and to explore new duties and activities for Cardano Ambassadors out of the current role-based scheme, which allows us as well to draft first improvements to move the Ambassador Program forward and to allow it an evolution by an bottom up approach where the Ambassadors themself are able to discover “out of practice” improvements instead of creating theories which might fail when implemented. ( Practice first approach )
Supportive body to the Catalyst Circle representatives Through the next 3 months, we will proactively support the Cardano Foundation representative in the Catalyst Circle and to allow the Cardano Foundation to be more present and active in the Project Catalyst - Ecosystem by staying close to the CF representative and to help the representative in successfully execute his role. Through the next 3 months, we have enough time to establish the Guild and to position ourselves in a position where following CF representatives always have an experienced and highly supportive body close to them, able to help the representative executing a successful period.
Project Catalyst In direct continuation, the Guild will proactively participate in the Project Catalyst Ecosystem (Catalyst), by providing support, guidance and mentorship to community-led initiatives. We help Community members submit proposals to transform their ideas into real impact. The Guild will also submit Challenge proposals which align and represent the Cardano Communities mission and vision. The Guild acts as an official body of the Cardano Foundation within the Catalyst to raise awareness and presence of the Foundation within the Catalyst Community. The Guild's presence in the Catalyst ecosystem will allow the Community to coordinate with direct communication to the Foundation.
What we get out of it
New duties and responsibilities for Ambassadors which creates improvements to the current Ambassador program.
The Guild acts as an #AmbassadorsUnited body, which allows the Ambassadors to create a united voice. Communications from the Ambassadors to the Foundation are more effective as the Foundation is not structured to effectively react and take action on individual proposals or approaches, but instead, can leverage the Guild’s coordination and communication functions which take ownership and responsibility to collectively represent individual Ambassadors’ voices and opinions. The Guild will provide a periodic report on current Community and Ambassador situations in the Foundation & Ambassador recurring calls, and for transparency, will provide a written summary and any key takeaways to the Community.
Creating a first experiment with establishing the Guild in regard to generating partnerships and to discover solutions for “transition of power”. The guild tracks and documents their evolvement to allow us to create playbooks how such initiatives can be successfully executed
By building up the Ambassadors Guild with a small group of Ambassadors but specific and focused action-based topics allows us to create a center of gravity to our work and solutions. As additional Ambassadors have the desire to join the Guild pilot, we will work to increase the communication, coordination and collaboration between all Ambassadors.
Model for Reproduction Additional Ambassadors that have the desire to join thereby will require coordination across too many voices in tight timeframes, which presents the risk that focus and alignment within the Guild may be diminished. As such, the small teams approach and functionality of the Guild depend on aligned actions and should be ensured. As to not promote exclusivity in either perception or reality, the first pilot of a Guild will aims to reproduce small teams of organized Ambassadors and Community members over time which will to allow open participation from any interested parties in theme and topic based Guilds through self-organization but with dedicated guidance and support from the Guild pilot team. Community Guilds will then be tasked to prove their legitimacy and impact in action.
Pieces of Advice. Focused, controlled actions to improve the Ambassador Program Upon review of the Ambassador Slack channel, we see that many Ambassadors feel demotivated and are unhappy with the current state serving as Ambassadors. The Guild will serve as a first experiment to redefine the Ambassadors Program and its roles and to allow the Ambassadors to become an active extension of the Foundation itself. As the Guild is composed of existing Ambassadors, it will allow for the opportunity to to explore and implement improvements first from within.