The Community
A Community of Communities
The Cardano Community is a community of communities, living and communicating on countless servers and channels.
We will throw an Eye of the most evolved and basic ones.
Developer Community
The Cardano Developers Community is surely the oldest of the Cardano Communities. From this very first Pioneers Community many other communities grew from and developed their own ecosystems ✔
Stake Pool Operators Community
The SPO Community is very overlapping to the Developers Community and is build by members with an profound knowledge and experience of the Cardano Protocol
NFT Community
The NFT Community & Ecosystem is surely the wildest of all and a melting pot of creative mindsets and enthusiasts
✔ CNFT Community
Catalyst Community
The Catalyst Community youngest Community and aims to become the innovative engine of the Cardano Ecosystem
Ideascale ( Platform to submit & assess Catalyst proposals ) ✔ Official Catalyst AnnouncementsOfficial Catalyst Community Telegram Catalyst Community Discord
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